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About the Paddock
Straw Bale Luxury Holiday House

Positioned to capture the sun, this eco-friendly building was commissioned in 2004. On a concrete foundation and with the usual form work associated with a house build is only different when it comes to filling in the gaps – they are filled with Straw Bales, 200 of them to be precise and all locally sourced.

It requires a change of thinking to build a Straw Bale House with the walls being 500mm thick rather than the usual 100mm. You also need to be very clear where you want things like power points, shelves in walls etc. After the gaps are filled then wire mesh is installed so the rendering both inside and outside the house can occur. The paint used in the property is non chemical, breathable and New Zealand made.

The design features include high ceilings with rafters and wrought iron fixtures, solid wood rifle windows that assist air flow and an outside terrace. Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom absorb and hold heat.

Visitors to the property comment on how the whole house breaths so it never feels stuffy and it’s quiet.

Alex McMillan, Manager

Chalet Queenstown has been operated by Alex McMillan since December 2007. Alex has been in hospitality since he left school.  With previous experience in food related hospitality, 15 years ago he came to Queenstown and has been involved as an employee and now as his own man in accommodation related hospitality.

Meeting people from all over the world, who are in Queenstown to enjoy all that is on offer in this beautiful part of the world, Alex is known for his laughter, fantastic breakfasts and sage advice on what to do when in Queenstown.

He likes to enjoy the restaurants and activities on offer in Queenstown and is well known for making good recommendations from a cosy night out, jet boat, helicopter rides, sky diving, wineries to a good value take away.

John Oaten

Co-owner of the Straw Bale Luxury Holiday House, John is a born and bred man of Otago.
For 15 years John has worked at various Queenstown accommodation businesses in housekeeping and maintenance management capacities.

Currently working at Matakauri, John is one of the directors of the company that trades as Chalet Queenstown and Historic Stone House Boutique Apartment and the Paddock Straw Bale Luxury Holiday Home.

John is very familiar with the needs of accommodation guests and has enjoyed fitting out the Straw Bale Luxury Holiday Home with Alex.

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